Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Princess and The Pea

My niece's birthday is coming up - so I thought I rip a page from my friend Angela's book and SouleMama's and make a Prince and the Pea doll set.

Actually, it seems quite a lot of crafty people have been doing this. A blog search can yield a bounty of results. And although my buddy made a paper doll princess to go with the mattresses, a did see someone make a cloth doll and that reminded me of an awesome doll pattern I had seen on the Purl Bee site.

There are times when it's awesome to be me. And this was one of them because, I had the felt, I had the embroidery thread, I had the stuffing, and I had all the fabric swatches I needed to make the little mattresses. I even had a small green pom-pom which I sewed on the bottom mattress to be the pea!

All I had to do was buy the book - and I opted for The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child because she's just so much fun. And I had to put it all together - which, wasn't the smallest of tasks - but it was fun too.

Now, my niece is only turning two and I have NO IDEA what two-year-old girls are into. So I hope she likes it.

In other news: Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a free copy of WINK THE NINJA WHO WANTED TO NAP and a free pack of Wink Cards. The drawing is tomorrow! Leave a comment on Tuesday's post.


Angela said...

I love it! That doll pattern rocks and I am really enjoying the sheet and your mattresses.

Angela said...

Hey I forgot to say thanks for the doll pattern link-I'm totally using that for Eden, and hey what kind of stuffing did you use?

Julie_c said...

Just regular ol' polyfill.

Shelley said...

That's beautiful, Julie. I'm inspired. I think my littlest might find this very cool. I recall seeing it on soulemama too. Yours is adorable. How did I miss your giveaway? Boohoo. Never mind, I'll buy it anyway. Hope all is well with you - it appears to be so. xo

Julie_c said...

Thanks Shelley. I'm sure you'll make a beautiful Princess and the Pea set! Sorry you missed the contest. :(

Joan said...

Julie, I *love* this doll!! You're so insanely talented :)