Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WIN IT before you can BUY IT

Do you like free stuff? Me too! And the second best thing to winning a contest is hosting a contest!

In celebration of my second book with Viking, Wink, the Ninja Who Wanted to Nap, I am giving away a book (which I will sign for the winner - and I will write ANYTHING you want!) and a pack of 4 Wink cards. Greeting cards - not trading cards. Although trading cards would be pretty cool - don't you think? Maybe I should make some of those. Oooh - maybe I should make a board game!

OK - reeling it back in now. All you have to do is leave a comment on THIS POST about what you would do if you were a ninja.

Would you use your powers for good? Would you sneak around and spy on movie stars? Would you scramble up tree limbs and rescue kittens? Would you go down into the sewer and become a teenage turtle? Do tell! But don't sweat over it - I'm drawing the winner at random. Cleverness on your part won't help you win - it will just make me smile. And isn't that a prize in and of itself? No? Ok, then.

One more thing - make sure there's a way for me to contact you - either you have a google account that will link to your email or you have a blog I can comment on or leave your email. And if you win - I'll let you know about it.

If you don't have a google account, send me an email (julie_c@rocketmail.com) and I will enter you.

I'll draw a name on FRIDAY - Feb 25th (around 9 am or so) so I can get it out into the post office and you can have the prize in your hot little hands lickity-split! Because what's the point of winning an advanced copy unless you can have it before it goes into the stores. Plus - I need to go to the post office on Friday anyway.

OK, folks, the contest is open. And thanks in advance for all the support! I'm super psyched about the new book!


Joan said...

Nice! I never enter these blog contests, but I can't resist this one--and I'm the first poster, too. Woot!

If I were a ninja, I'd stealthily sneak into Julie's studio and replace every little folded piece of paper with my name. Then I'd sneak back home and act--OH SO SURPRISED--when my name is called :)

Ă„iti said...

Aki says: "I'd use Spinjitsu to beat the tar out of everybody."

I say: "I'd sniff the air, follow my nose, and go around sneaking delectable treats off the plates of in-the-dark gourmands."

Imene said...

I just found your blog through Angela's and I love the graphics of your books!! Amazing

Julie_c said...

Thanks Imene!

Angela said...

I loved Wink 2! Julie you are awesome! Congrats on the book!

Heather said...

Can't wait to see it :)

Kathy said...

If I were a ninja, I would turn the tables on our Siamese cat and stalk him for once instead of the other way around.

Congratulations on the sequel. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

AG said...

Cheers to the book launch!

Julie_c said...

I'm entering :




from my Verla Kay message board page. I don't think the link to my blog worked.