Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art Class: Drawing Bunnies

I wanted to get the boys back to learning some drawing techniques, so I thought I;d try a couple things I've learned/taught in the past. Grids and upside down drawing.

The grids were too complicated. There were too many blocks to keep track of and the drawing of the bunny was too detailed. I'll try this exercise again with a 9-block grid and a simpler subject.

So then we jumped to upside down drawing.

The whole point of upside down drawing is that is scrambles your mind a little - so you really see the lines and shapes you are drawing and not just say "I'm drawing a bunny ear" and then whip an oval down because you think you are supposed to.

All the boys started off very strong with this - but again - the bunny subject was too complicated. They all did fine jobs on the face but then got lost/lost focus on the body.

I plan to do this again, but simplify the drawing or even have them do something completely abstract for a warm-up. The whole idea is to train the eye to see what is really there.

Magoo got frustrated, so I started him on an abstract that then became something completely different. He started drawing eyes. Heather said it looked like an Eye Garden and I guess Magoo agreed.

These art classes are just as much of a learning process for me as they are for the boys sometimes. Even though I try to simplify the exercises - sometimes they're just not simple enough. That's always been one of my flaws when teaching art to kids. I'm not always super aware of what the skill level is. But they try and I try and we all get through it together.

I don't ask for anything more.


Angela said...

You and the boys are doing an awesome job! I am learning a lot too! Julie you are my art school. :)

Julie_c said...

Thanks Ang. You are now enrolled at JSA, Julie School of Art.