Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Class: Stained Glass Windows

Spring is upon us!

We took down the paper snowflakes and it was time to put something colorful in the windows. I am a huge fan of stained glass windows and I thought the boys might like making ones of their own.

This week, in addition to showing you what we did, I'm going to include a little tutorial in case you want to try it too.

You'll need:
tissue paper
mod podge
clear plastic (I get mine from cutting up packaging; toy boxes, plastic food containers, etc.)
black squeezy paint

The first thing I did was show the boys some pictures of modern stained glass windows like this. I wanted them to focus more on shape and color and not on it creating a representational image.

Then I had them cut pieces of tissue paper and do a layout on the plastic. (There's wax paper underneath to keep their work spaces clean.)

Once they had a design they liked, I had them carefully slide their tissue paper designs off to the side and apply a thin coat of mod podge to the plastic. (The goal is for them to keep the design in order.)

Then the put their tissue shapes back on the plastic. Press them down. Then apply another light coat of mod podge on top. The trick here is to be delicate and to work the brush from the middle of each shape out to the edge. That way you don't rip the paper.

As the mod podge was drying, I went in with the squeeze paint (a small 1 oz. bottle of black fabric paint, available at craft stores) and outlined the shapes. It's fine to let you kids to this part - but I was low on black paint and I knew I'd be able to stretch it a little further than the boys would.

Here are the three "window panes" at different stages of drying.

When they are dry - go around and clip off edges with the scissors to make a clean, crisp rectangle. Then you can either tape it up in your window or punch a couple holes in the top and hang it with a string.

I think these came out great and the boys did a fantastic job!


Angela said...

Oh boy, I loved stain glass. The boys are doing a tremendous job!

Imene said...

I love this idea!! I could use some color in the house right ow ;o)

Jacquie said...

Cool! In the first picture I actually thought it was real stained glass. Hope they know how well they did :)