Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On Saturday, Sara drove the crew into Baltimore.

It's bigger than Hartford - for sure. We started off with a visit to Port Discovery, which is a children's museum. The kids got to meet Poe, the mascot for the Ravens. (In case you don't know, Edgar Allen Poe lived in Baltimore. Thus, the name of the mascot. Sara drove us by his house in a not-so-great neighborhood. Once again, please picture a scene from The Wire.)

The kids ran around for a few hours, then we went down to the seaport to take in the sights. Lucky us - it didn't rain like it was supposed to!

These are dragon paddle boats that people can rent in the warmer weather. I can imagine how cool it would be to look out onto the water and see a bunch of sea dragons swimming by!

Then there was a spot with a captain's wheel, a large cannon, and an anchor for the boys to climb on and play with. There was a decent amount of seagull chasing, too.

Here's a shot of our gang. Sara and her boys and Magoo and I. After our trip to New York when he pretended to punch Mary Poppins in the gut in a photo - Magoo has LOVED to be hilarious in posed shots. So even though he had had a wonderful day - and even though he has a big smile on his face - it's thumbs down for Magoo. (Insert me rolling my eyes here.)

And finally I had to take this shot for my hubby. This cyclist travels in style, yo.

Thanks again to Sara and her family for having us down and taking such good care of us! We had a wonderful visit!


Angela said...

B-more! Love it. I can't help but think of Snoop and Omar. It looks like you all had an awesome time!
You know you want to trick out your car just like that bike.

Julie_c said...

Ang - you know me so well!

MAD said...

So funny, I got the same photo, with the dragons :D

Julie_c said...

I suppose they are a popular subject!