Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chicken Soup for Sicky

Magoo is under the weather. Not BIG TIME. Not flu. Just a nasty little cold that makes his nose run and produces a cough. His mood is fine and his energy is good, but when the boy asked for chicken soup - well, his wish was my command.

But I'd never made chicken soup before, so I called my neighbor, Jackie, who is the QUEEN of Homemade Chicken Soup and got her recipe.


whole chicken (rotisserie will work)
spices (salt & pepper)

You start with the whole chicken. Now, by the time Mike got to the store in the evening, there were no rotisserie chickens left. So I had him buy me a whole chicken and I baked it through the previous night.

Tuesday morning, I peeled the meat off the bird and put the bones, skin, and carcass (mmmm, carcass) into a big ol' pot and filled it 3/4 with water. I cooked it for about 2 1/2 hours. Then I pulled out all the "pieces" and was left with a nice chicken broth.

Cut up the veg and plop it in the broth and let that cook another hour. Go ahead and add some seasonings at this point.

After the veg was good and cooked, I added the chicken meat back in (cutting up the large bits) and I basically let that simmer until dinner time.

About 30 minute prior to dinner time, I cooked the pasta in a separate pot and added it last minute. You can add it earlier, it depend on how soft you want your noodles. Since I work with Gluten-free noodles, I figured I'd add them last minute so they wouldn't deteriorate.

Magoo - who is not a soup guy - slurped it up. And the house smelled delicious all day long!

I'm keeping Magoo home today. He's no worse off than yesterday, but I want to give the boy a chance to rest and his 2nd grade teacher tells me that a ton of the kids in her class have something going on. So a day away from the germs might be good as well - and he can have more chicken soup for lunch.

Hope you're all feeling tip top!

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Angela said...

Chicken soup is the best-especially homemade. It is so easy to make too-double bonus! I hope he feels better soon!