Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I SPY...

... Wink The Ninja Who Wanted to Nap in the stacks of Barnes & Noble!

I was told that the local B&N had a nice display of my books on a table, so I wanted to go in and check it out. I think I missed it though. I didn't see Wink on any table. Still, I'm happy with the stacks. Maybe the Easter Bunny will buy some for the ninja-loving children of West Hartford.

I also spy... crocuses.

The front garden if filled with dead leaves that didn't get swept up in the fall, but the sun is out today and there are patches of yellow and purple all over.

Sidenote: Who named those flowers? A frog? That's a disgusting name for such petite, bright blossoms.

In other news:

We have a new garage door! Yeah! The other one was old, heavy, and ugly. Check one thing off the house lists. There are about two thousand and seven other things on that list, but at least the garage door is no longer one of them.

I have finished my new power point presentation for school visits. I'm psyched! I have two visits next week. For one of them, I'll do my standard Wink 1 presentation. But for the other I get to debut the Wink 2 - and I have to say, I'm pretty excited about it. My presentation for Wink 1 is about how an idea becomes a book through inspiration, writing, revising, art development, representation, sales, and publishing. The new presentation is about an average day in my life and what it's like to be an author/illustrator. I think the kids will enjoy peaking into my messy studio and learning that I like to wear my orange pajama bottoms all day long - little things like that. And I also talk about how long it takes to write a story and develop the art - so it's a little bit fun details about me, and a little bit of an in depth look at my process.

Hope you're all having a good, sunny Wednesday. What will you spy today?


Angela said...

I spy somebody in a new pair of pajama jeans!
That's awesome seeing Wink 2 in the store!

Julie_c said...

You and your pajama jeans!!!

Angela said...

Hell to the no! Admit it; you own three pair and a Shake Weight!!!