Friday, March 11, 2011


I have spent the week getting all the paperwork together to visit our accountant tomorrow. It took me pretty much the entire day to organize the receipts from my personal business as an artist.

I'm not great with the day-to-day organization of buying what products for which projects, or is this an art supply for resale or not, and then recording what I sold to whom.

That's probably because I'm an artist.

But I try. I put things in order, typed them up neat, and bought a nice blue folder to hold everything in.

Wish me luck! And if it doesn't go well I'll just hurl a bill ball of dough at the wall. :)

PS - The clip above is from the movie Stranger Than Fiction - which I LOVE!


Robin said...

LOVE that movie, an absolute gem that so many people write off because they can't picture Will Farrell than anything other than sophomoric comedies. Great clip!

Julie_c said...

I love that movie too. There are so many great lines and I can't hear the phrase "Little did he know..." without thinking of Dustin Hoffman.

Angela said...

That movie was great. I loved the taxman scene. I have a whole list of people at whom I could throw some dough. I could start with Ben Franklin and this DST business.

Julie_c said...

Har har - you're funny. Heather's not loving DST either.