Monday, March 28, 2011

Three Chickadees

If these little guys were sitting outside my window right now, I imagine they'd be bundled in ear muffs and scarves. It's cold!

But isn't that all the more reason to paint bright happy birds chirping next to fresh blossoms? I think so. Anyway - here's my latest - Three Chickadees - which was inspired by a photograph on Bing's homepage on day that a friend of mine brought my attention to. (Thanks Natalie!) I added a couple more chickadees and blossoms, but I really liked the calm blue sky in the background. And whenever you have blue and orange together - well, that's juts going to look good!

In other news:

I've seen some movies recently.

Mike and I went out to see PAUL last night. PAUL is a movie starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (the duo behind Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz - both excellent comedies) so we wanted to give it a go. Simon and Nick play two comic-con geeks who are traveling the U.S. in an RV stopping off at famous alien sites who encounter a real alien, Paul, voiced by Seth Rogen, and help him escape from the government facility where he had been living/held captive. PAUL isn't as sharply witty as Shawn or Hot Fuzz, but it was cute. Not kiddie-cute, because there's a decent amount of language in it - but feel-good cute. I give it a B-.

I also rented LET ME IN - which is a remake of the Swedish movie, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Both focus on a 12-year-old boy who is bullied at school and the 12-year-old vampire girl who becomes his only friend. A lot of folks might call these horror films because the vampire doesn't, yanno, sparkle. She kills people and when she's not killing people she has a guy that does it for her. And there is a rather, um, horrifying pool scene at the end. I don't know - I didn't really think of them as horror films though because I wasn't all that horrified. (Except for that pool scene. Yikes!) I thought of them more as dramas because the real issues were about feeling alone and helpless, and trusting someone to help you. They're good movies - but I can say this - you only need to see one. I saw the Swedish one first and the American version about 2 months after. I'm annoyed that the American filmmaker didn't have his own voice, his own viewpoint in his retelling of the tale. They are almost identical movies except the cast is different and it's in English. Sure, the Swedish version fleshes out the background players a little more. In that way the American version in more stream-lined. But all the crucial-to-the-plot scenes are similar in pacing, tone, and visual aesthetics.

So, if you like intense vampire dramas that don't downplay what it is to be a vampire - then go ahead and see either Let Me In or Let The Right One In. And if you want to see some happy British guys help a pot-smoking alien phone home, go see PAUL.


Angela said...

Lovely chickadees! Thanks for the movie reviews. I think I will try the Swedish version.

Natalie said...

*Me applauding* I'm so glad you painted those chickadees! I knew you were meant for each other. :-)

Julie_c said...

Thanks Ang. I hope you like the movie. ANd Thanks Natalie - feel free to send me inspiration anytime!