Monday, April 4, 2011

Art Class: Painting Rock Bunnies

For the past five or so years, I've hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at a nearby park. It's been fun, but this year Magoo said he was too old for an Easter Egg Hunt. I asked Curly and Mo what they thought, since they always do it too, and they agreed - too old.

So I started thinking, hmmmmmmm what can we do this year?

Then I saw a post at my friend Angela's blog, Peach Coglo, and hatched an idea. She had a rock with a lovely little bunny painted on it. I thought what if I paint a bunch of bunnies on rocks and under each rock is a clue and Magoo, Curly and Mo could go on a treasure hunt of sorts. It keeps the tradition of an Easter Hunt alive but it's a little more adventurous.

Then I had an even better idea: instead of me painting a bunch of rocks - I'll teach the boys how to paint bunnies on rocks and use it as an art lesson!

We each painted two. (Heather included.) So I have 10 to work with. (Two not pictured.)

The boys don't know what I'm planning to do with them yet - only that I need them for something. I'm pretty excited about how they turned out and I have to admit - I had BIG TIME FUN painting them myself. Then I went online and googled "Painted Rocks" and all sorts of cool rocks turned up. You should try it.

In other news: It is dreary. Ug. Mondays can be hard enough - but dreary Mondays. It's going to be a challenge getting anything accomplished today. But I have two school visits this week, so I at least have to make sure I am ready for those.

Happy Monday!


Angela said...

Love how those rocks turned out. Given how much a body can do with beach rocks, I plan on bringing loads back from our beach visits this year. I still can't believe they think they are too old for an Easter egg hunt. We'll still be rocking our at my mom's house. :)

Julie_c said...

I'm glad you guys still have an awesome egg hunt to go to.
I don't mind so much that the boys feel too old for the hunt. I'm sure Magoo was losing interest b/c he can't eat candy. This way they'll still have an outdoor event - and maybe a new tradition.

Angela said...

Yeah it's all good. I have enough kids to make up a neighborhood hunt if I wanted. :)
Hey I saw your book displayed at Borders the other day, promoting your discussion and book signing. Yay!

Julie_c said...

OH. I was just at Borders and I couldn't find my book - I did see the sign up front though.

Angela said...

Maybe people bought them! They were next to the customer service kiosk on a shelf with your talk info.

Julie_c said...

I hope so.

Frank Zweegers said...

Fun to see.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the bunny rocks. YOU rock! :)