Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Class: Stenciled T-Shirts

I woke up Sunday morning and realized that I hadn't planned anything for art class - whoops! So I put on my thinking cap and decided that the boys might enjoy making their own T-shirts.
We postposed class so I could run out to JoAnn's for some blank T's and a few supplies. (I had 90% of the stuff we needed at home, but I thought it would be good to get a few more colors.)

Step one was guiding them through a good t-shirt design. Simplicity is better. Kids don't always get that for this kind of cutting-out-a-stencil thing. I tried to see where their ideas were going and then shape them a bit. For example, Magoo wanted to add a laser gun to his rocket - but the laser gun would have been small, complicated to cut, and no one would have known what it was, really.

Curly drew an alien with a BUNCH of eyes. I talked him down to three.

That kind of thing.

The boys cut the large shapes out of freezer paper and Heather and I helped with the smaller details. Then I ironed the freezer paper onto the T-shirts and we were ready to stencil!

We cut shapes out like puzzle pieces so their were borders to help keep colors separate.
Then we let them dry.

Peeling the paper off is always so much fun. It feels really good to see a nice crisp line - very satisfying. And I'm sure the kids feel great knowing that no one in the world has a T-shirt like the one they made for themselves.

Great job, boys!!!


Heather said...

You rock, teacher lady. The boys love and are proud of their shirts. They may not always show it, but they love Sunday art class :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME shirts. They will be the hit of school!

Angela said...

That looks so fun. Do you tape the freezer paper to the shirts?

Julie_c said...

Thanks Heather and Feltsie!

Ang - if you put the shiny side of the freezer paper against the T-shirt - you can iron it right in place. When the paint is dry, you just peel it off.