Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beachy Easter

On Easter Sunday we headed down to Gramma's house for her yummy pasta puttanesca and a walk along the beach in the BEST weather. It really was gorgeous. I was overdressed in a light long sleeved shirt and a vest. But the waves were cool and once we took our shoes off and let our toes touch the water, it cooled us right off.

Then Mike and Magoo chased (and were chased by) the waves. This was the perfect game to get a young boy's ya-ya's out.

This is my favorite shot. (Above.)

And here's lovely Poppy. She's America's Next Top Dog Model!

It's always great to get out to the beach. Magoo LOVES it - always has. So it was a wonderful day.

In other news:

Magoo has glasses!

A couple months back, Magoo had his yearly physical and he tanked the eye test. He did crazy bad - like, walk into trees bad. And I thought it was really odd because no one had complained at school. He wasn't complaining. He was reading, watching TV, functioning as normal. Then we thought maybe he wanted glasses, like his father. So we asked the nurse at school to test him again and although he had passed the test in October, he did worse this time around. So we decided to play it safe and get his eyes checked out by an optometrist. Welp, that appointment was last Monday and she said she thought he needed them. So we ordered some frames and on Friday we picked them up.

Right now he just wears them at school. He's still not used to them and doesn't seem to want them when he's just hanging around and playing. Hey, fine by me. It means they are less likely to be broken. But I imagine, over time, he will wear them more regularly.

He looks handsome, though. Right?


Ă„iti said...

Very handsome. They really suit him!

Amazing how he and his dad's bodies are moving exactly the same as they walk on the beach!

Angela said...

What a cutie!
The beach is awesome. It's one of my favorite places-no matter how cold or hot.

Heather said...

He looks adorable :)