Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunnies Close Up

Just in case you need to make a quick bunny to stick in the basket, I thought I'd highlight the sock bunnies I made for the boys. The instructions are in the book SOCKS APPEAL by Brenna Maloney which you can buy in a soft cover or a downloadable version. I won't go into the details b/c that's like taking the money right out of Ms. Maloney's hands, but if you're crafty and used to working with socks - you can probably figure out the basics. That said - it's a CUTE book with a ton of fun projects in it. It's great if you like to make your gifts and look at the calendar and say, "Dang, Sally's 5th birthday is next week!" Pull out the book, make something cute, and BOOM - you're good.

Here's a front a back view of Robber Bunny, which I made for Magoo. I used one tall knee sock and I a swatch of sweat pants (turned inside out) for that fluffy tail effect.

Don't have any socks?
Here are some other rabbit tutorials:
Cloth Rabbit at PurlBee (I've made on of these before - the long limbs are difficult to turn out, but it's a good looking rabbit when done.)
Perfect for baby, Wee Bunny at Wee Wonderfuls (I've made one of these too!)

Happy Easter Everyone!


Ă„iti said...

very cute!

Angela said...

These are adorable.

Julie_c said...

Thanks. I think the boys liked them - so that's good. I don't know for how much longer Magoo will like getting stuffed animals.