Monday, April 11, 2011

Center School Ninjas

Last week I had a school visit at Central School and Center School. I had to be very careful of which I said where.

These are ninjas from the WONDERFUL Center School in Old Lyme, CT.

Two years ago, when I first started doing author visits, Center School was the first school I went to and they were soooo great. The kids are awesome and the teachers/librarian/staff/principal are all so lovely and made me feel very special. The third graders (back then - they're fifth graders now) made me promise to come back with the new book, so I held up my end of the deal.

Even though Center School wasn't my first author visit this time around, it was the debut of my new presentation, where I bring the students into my home (via my powerpoint presentation) and show them what a typical day in the life of author/illustrator J. C. Phillipps is like. It's kinda like CRIBS for the kid lit set.

I remember being at a professional conference once, and you know there's always a bunch of speeches on plot and character development and so forth. And that's all great stuff - but your mind can turn to cottage cheese after a couple hours. Well, mine can. But one lady used her presentation to introduce us to her and her books. She showed us pictures of her childhood and told us funny stories and then she got into her books and what inspired them and it was so ... refreshing! It was very this is me and here's what makes me tick.

So that's what I'm aiming for.

Oh, there's lots of good information on how many drafts it takes to complete a text and how to build a collage, but there's also quiz questions (because you have to let them play too) and secret little-do-they-know insider facts that I'm not going to reveal here!!! (What do my pajama pants look like? You'll never know. ;)

I'm excited to be visiting Whiting Lane School - my son's school - later this week and try the new presentation out on them. And a new art project - in case you're getting sick of all the jumping ninjas.

I never do.

Thanks again to EVERYONE at Center School!!! You rock!


Angela said...

I am glad that went so well. The kiddos are very excited for your visit. Helena has declared you are the best arthor/illustrator and she and Elijah both say you are the best. Helena said that it was so amazing that we actually know you! Supahstah!

Julie_c said...

I guess that means that Helena has forgiven me for the sled incident. ;)