Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Central School Ninjas

Yesterday I had a great time reading Wink to the first graders at Central School in Simsbury!

Of course, the highlight for me is going into their classrooms and doing art with the kiddos. Then I can talk to them a little more, learn their names, and learn bits about their personalities. For example, one little girl shot her hand up and said, "Mrs. So-and-so, Garrett is underestimating the girls!!!" I nearly bust a gut. Apparently this boy had declared that his ninja would defeat all the girl ninjas and this little girl was NOT having it. Her teacher told me she says stuff like that all the time. It reminded me that she was the kid in the group presentation that asked me if I used recycled papers in my art, "...because I'm going green," she said. Fortunately I could show her a couple examples of recycled papers I had used. Phew.

Thanks so much to everyone at Central School. The first graders were absolutely lovely and they made awesome ninjas too!


Angela said...

That kid is hilarious! Good thing she didn't bring any pound cake.

Julie_c said...

Give her time, give her time.