Thursday, April 28, 2011

Klimt Crow

Since my painting buddy Angela, over at Peach Coglo, blogged about what she's been working on, I thought I'd follow suit.

You know it's the Year of the Bird for me, right? But I'm still experimenting, trying to find the way I want to paint birds. I'm no longer content with trying to paint a "good likeness" of a bird - I want to have my own style when I go about it - and I just haven't quite found it yet. But I think I'm closing in.

I love crows. LOVE CROWS. And I love Klimt. Put them together and you get Klimt Crow.

I'm nowhere near mastering how to incorporate the shapes into the bird - or patterns -or any of it really. There was a lot of time spent staring at it to see what might look good where. But for a first attempt I am pleased.

It's certainly bold - which I like. I love green against purple. And I think it will look good once I whip it in a mat and frame and all that jazz. It was fun and challenging, so I think I'll stay on this path for while and see what develops.


Angela said...

I love that crow!! Cool. I think it came out awesome. I got to work on my goldfish and Buddha last evening. Thanks for the drafting table!

tt247 said...

This may sound weird but would it in anyway be possible to get a print of that painting?

Julie_c said...

Hi tt247 -

I don't know if you'll ever read this, but if you send me an email:, then we can discuss getting you a print.