Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ninjas by Central School

Today I was handed a large envelope with thank-you notes from the first graders at Central School. Oh goody, goody! I LOVE when kids make me thank you cards - they are the BEST! I was tickled pink with all of the kids' words and artwork - so I had to share some with you.
(Note: the artwork doesn't "go" with the text necessarily. I'm mixing things up. Oh, and by the way, I'm copying the letters just as they are written, misspelled and all, because that's fun too.)

Dear Julie,
Thank you for coming to Central School. I liked you new book. I think it will be good. My favorite part was when Wink was fiteing with the panda. In your next book make Wink whant to nap all day. And more sily. And a different suit.
Your friend, Madison

Wow - she sounds like my editor. (Just kidding, Tracy!)

Actually lots of kids had suggestions for what Wink should do in his next adventure. should make Wink go to the ninja fair. should make Wink go to school.
...Wink's Easter. should write Wink wins America's Got Talent.
... Wink wants a vacation.
...Wink wants to go to Central School.
...Wink should win AFV which stands for American's Funniest Home Videos.
...go to Disney World.
...go to Bush Gardens. should make Wink want a panda for a pet.

I hope the last kid will be psyched that Wink has a panda for stuffed animal at least.

Here's the nicest thank-you note from a kid who wasn't even there.

Dear J. C. Phillipps,
Thank you for reading to our class but sorry I was apsent. Today when I coming to school I saw the great ninjas that you made. Thank you,

Awwwww. Sorry I missed you, Maxim.

Dear J.C. Phillipps,
I liked the book Wink! It was fun making ninge's! I can't wate untill the other book is fineshed! I know it will be osum!
Your fan, Erin

If only she knew how much I love the word AWESOME, and know I have a whole new way to spell it!

Dear J. C. Phillipps

Thank you for sharing your craft with us. I think you are a very good artist. I realized that it takes a long time to write a book. Some day I want to be a Author.

Your fan, Megan

I always make a point of telling students that making a book isn't easy and talk about how much work goes into each project, each draft, each sketch - because I want them to know that it takes hard work to produce good art. But I also try to let them know that they can do it, if they want to. When they tell me they want to be an author or illustrator when they grow-up, I know I got them to understand the fun of it. I love that!

Thanks again Central School - you're all osum!

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Angela said...

I love it! Osum! Apsent. These are great. I love adding words to my vocab, even imaginary ones. Hmm. "It's osum that I was apsent when that guy got pound cake angry." Maxim was so sweet. Why are all the ninja's going to FL? Those are such sweet notes. Thanks for sharing.
PS I think Wink should get book ripping mad in his next adventures.