Friday, April 22, 2011

Rabbit Hunt

Remember those rabbit rocks we painted? Well, I had a plan for them and that plan took place today. I dropped Magoo off at the boys' house and went through the neighborhood writing clues and hiding rocks.

When I returned to pick Magoo up, I told the boys there was a big rabbit rock outside and I thought it was for them. They lifted it up, read the clue, and dashed off to the nearby park.

There were a few rocks hidden there, then they had to run back to my house.

Finally, they had to search the backyard for their Easter Buckets.

And OH the delights inside. Both Heather and I helped the Easter Bunny pick out some of the boys favorite things: GoGo's, Pokemon cards, Fritos, Lego mini-figures and stuffed bunnies - 'cause you gotta have a stuffed bunny.

They were GID-DEE with glee (especially at the Pokemon cards.) And loved going through their buckets of treats. Man, that Easter Bunny is awesome. But I suppose it's easy to be awesome when you have such wonderful boys.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!


Heather said...

They had THE best time and are snuggling the bunnies in bed right now. Thanks for such a great idea :)

Julie_c said...

Oh good. I think it went well. Thanks for your help too - I think your touches made the baskets OVER THE TOP AWESOME!