Monday, May 30, 2011

Art Class: Ink

We're nearing the end of our Sunday Morning Art Class series and we hadn't used our ink pens yet, so I thought it was time to break out the big guns. The boys were very excited. Kids just love pens, don't they?

I brought out some art by Shel Silverstein (who shades with dots often) and Edward Gorey (a master of line) to show the boys different ways to create shadow and depth with ink.

First we drew the subject. In this case a chameleon from Magoo's Doodles at Dinner Placemats...

Then we shaded them in with dots...

All the boys did a great job. I think this is Mo's.

Then we drew a dagger from Edward Gorey's book and shaded with lines. Sorry, I didn't get around to snapping any shots of the daggers.

Then we drew flamingoes (from the Doodle pad) and I let the boys shade them however they liked.

We finished out the lesson with a few rounds of the Sketch Game in which they drew an Over-Dressed Panda Baking a Cake, an Angry Dad Dances Ballet, and a Happy Old Man Follows a Map.

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Angela said...

Wow! They did an awesome job!