Monday, May 23, 2011

Art Class: Nature Sketching

It's been a rainy week. A rainy, rainy week. But we got a little sunshine this weekend and I thought we best make the most of it because we're starting off another rainy, rainy week. So ... nature sketching!

I took the boys through one sketch of a pansy - or a petunia - one of those 'p' flowers, just to prep them on how to view the object they were drawing. I tried to get them to look at the shapes of the leaves and petals. The tiny hairs. The veins. The details.

Then I set them loose. (I should add that we picked up a couple extra students this week. D & J from a few houses down joined in.)

Here's Mo sketching the leaves of my neighbor's rosebush.

He did very well with this project. He had a lovely page of wildlife when he was done.

Mo's page.

Magoo did quite well too. His favorite is the wedi - "weed."

The boys sketched well for about 20 minutes, then they just wanted to run around. I coaxed two rounds of the sketch game out of them: beautiful old lady eats a worm & angry gorilla chases a butterfly. (Sorry I forgot to snap pictures.) Then I just let them run, jump, ride, laugh and get all their cooped-up ya-ya's out.

In other news:
I have another day & 1/2 school visit today and tomorrow. LOTS of dreaming ninjas in my future. Stay tuned for that!


Angela said...

Such a nice way to spend a Sunday. I think it's hilarious you picked up more students! You are a patient lady.

Julie_c said...

I hate turning away little artists!