Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Class: Origami

Last week, I had asked the boys if there was anything in particular they wanted to learn at art class. After some suggestions that simply were not doable, they came up with origami. Origami has it's advantages, it's clean, I have books and papers - so it's cheap. But it can be complicated for young hands and it requires precision and patience. In short - it's not easy teaching origami to children.

I chose something that I thought was simple enough for them to handle (except for the last part when you had to flip the whole thing inside out) and interesting enough for boys to want to make. No kittens, please. I choose canoes.

The boys did a GREAT job listening to the instructions, watching me perform the task, and waiting for everyone to catch up before we moved on. They were champs. I had to do all the inside-out flips - but I expected as much.

Then the boys loaded them with LEGO passengers and launched them in the tub. Bon Voyage!

After ten minutes of canoe time, we proceeded to sketching. I had done a small sketching game with them before which they had enjoyed so I tailored it a bit. Each boy reached into the tub and pulled out one slip of paper.

White papers had a character on them.
Yellow papers had a description on them.
Green papers had an action on them.

The first thing they had to sketch was Happy Medusa Rides a Dragon. The second, Smelly Ninja Eats Pizza. And the third, Hairy Mom Juggles Bowling Balls.

Here are a few sketches.

Magoo made the Medusa. Curly made the Mom with the bowling balls. (She must be going up a hill. The talent!)

And Mo put all three onto one crazy page.

The boys LOVED this and it's a good way to get them sketching. I could easily use this as a reward for the end of a great art class. Or it could even be a warm-up. Except that once they get going with it, they probably wouldn't want to stop for a lesson.

In other news:
It's going to be a dreary week here. I hope everyone stored up enough sunshine in their skin and minds (like Leo Lionni's Frederick mouse) to last the week.

Happy Monday!!

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Angela said...

That sketch game is cool. How great that they are doing origami. My stubby fingers always get tied up in knots when I try.