Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unified Sports

Saturday started off sunny and warm - and how lucky were we? Because it was Unified Sports day! Four or five schools gathered at Conard High School and they started things off with a parade. (Magoo is deep in the mix, so you can't see him in this pic. I couldn't even find him for awhile. I'm just standing on the sidelines thinking, "I hope my kid is in there somewhere.") He was.

After they lit "the torch," they broke the kids up into groups and hit the different sports. Magoo started off with volleyball - which was OK. They threw the kids all into a game without much instruction so Magoo just picked up a ball and hit is whenever he could. Parents on the sidelines needed to keep their eyes peeled for fly-away balls. Incoming!!!

Then the kiddos moved onto basketball...

...Magoo had a great time here because he was making baskets. Go Magoo! Go!

He ran good and fast on track ...

... and jumped high and far for the field portion.

He finished up with baseball, and the best part - getting a medal. Well, probably the BEST part for Magoo was having his Grammy there to cheer him on.

Apart from the fact that the clouds covered the sun and it got COLD (and I was clad in only a tank top and a very sheer hoodie) - it was an AWESOME Unified Sports Day and I couldn't be more proud of my little athlete!

(Sorry if you viewed this yesterday and there were no photos. I tried uploading the images in a different way and it looked like it worked on my computer - but it didn't work if you viewed the post form anyone else's. So I won't be trying that again.)

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Angela said...

That is awesome! Doran has a very zen approach to sports. I can't believe I forgot about Unified Sports Day!