Friday, May 13, 2011


Today, at Magoo's school, the second graders are having JAPAN DAY.

They have been studying about Japan for about 6 weeks now and the whole adventure culminates in a morning immersed in Japanese culture and craftsmanship. The three classrooms divvied up space and set up stations for calligraphy and sushi making (below) ...

...kokeshi dolls...

...origami, fan decoration, flower arrangement, face painting (as seen in the first shot), tea ceremony, and some other things that were in rooms other than mine.

They even had a sushi station set up for the volunteers. THANK YOU! I was more than a little excited when I saw that. Then I ran around to every parent volunteer and said, "Did you see the sushi station?!?!" One little girl told me that I acted like Wink. I said, "You mean kind of spazzy?" And she nodded. She's not wrong!

At one point, when Magoo had finished his calligraphy (that was my station) I let him borrow my camera and snap a few photos. Here are a couple Shots by Magoo.

Yep - that's me in a kimono. I was PSYCHED to get to wear it again. (It had been purchased as a Halloween costume from a couple years ago.)

For all the lessons the teachers teach, and all the reading and writing about Japan, I think the children are really going to remember Japan Day and what it felt like to have the hands-on experience of making their own crafts, tasting their own foods, listening to the music, and wearing the clothes. It was a wonderful day and just another reason why I love his school so much.

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Angela said...

Japan Day is awesome. It was nice to get a perspective on it since Doran didn't talk about it when he did it. Although I know he had a great time! Elijah would be first in line for that sushi station!