Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Mini Golf

It was a GORGEOUS day yesterday. Beautiful! So after some pancakes (thanks Mike) and gifties (Just Dance for the Wii and a coupon for a 10 minute back scratch - thanks Magoo!) I sorted through the winter/spring clothes, (technically work but something I wanted to do - purge!) I kicked back and did some reading in the sun, (Zombies v. Unicorns - so far the zombie stories are kicking the unicorns butts) and then we went to play MINI GOLF!!!!

Check out Magoo in his plaid shorts! Doesn't he look the part?

At 8 years-old, Magoo is finally at an age where he can control his shots and sink the ball in 4 to 5 swings. In years past, he needed to cheat so he wouldn't break down in frustration.

Here he is watching the Master.

Mike and I are pretty evenly matched. Sometimes I win. Sometimes he wins. It really depends on who's having a good game and who's choking. I started out with solid two-strokes. I was HOT! Then Mike got a lucky hole in one: swing, bounce, bounce, in. And it broke my stride.

(BTW, we play at a lovely course in Farmington that's right by the river, Riverfront Miniature Golf & Ice Cream.)

He looks so grown-up here. Ack!

By the end of the 9th hole I was in the lead by 1 stroke. Then Mike started getting hot and I couldn't hit a straight shot to save my life. I brought my game back closer to the 15th hole and Mike hit a rough patch so it was very close by the end. At the 18th hole I hit a gorgeous putt for a 2, but Mike (who could have used his poor placement to throw the game and let me win on Mother's Day) sunk an AWESOME putt - up a hill - and ended up winning the game by 1 stroke. Doh!!!

But the best part was being able to play with my son, who continues to be a great joy in my life and who made my Mother's Day a wonderful day. Thank you Magoo (and Mike, who's an awesome husband too)! I don't like to get mushy - but I am one lucky, lucky lady.

In other news: Magoo had been upstairs playing Lego's and came down to show us what he made: an action figure! He used the bendable legs from other Lego people to make a waist that bends and legs that move. It has articulating arms and hands. It was SO COOL! Maybe he'll work for LEGO?!

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Angela said...

Well that sounds fun. Glad you had a great time. Magoo does look tall.