Monday, June 6, 2011

Art Class: Watercolors

It was the last art class of the season and since I had bought some student-grade watercolor paper in January, I decided it was high time to use it. My first thought was to simply teach the children how to make skies with a gradation of blues and then lift out the clouds, but they handled that in 5 minutes. So, while the skies were drying, I pulled out one of my landscape books and we proceeded to work on lovely meadow scenes.

(Above. Magoo laying in a wet-on-wet sky.
Below. Curly dotting on some leaves.)

Magoo had a feel for the looseness of watercolor. Curly had to fight his desire to be precise. Pen and ink is right up his alley. He did great with tiny dots, too. Maybe I should teach a lesson in pointillism next year?

Here's Magoo's finished watercolor. Isn't it lovely? (Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a shot of Curly's. Mo wasn't there due to illness.)

Since it was the last class and I wanted to congratulate them on all their hard work, I made them little gifties: sketchbooks covered in their own art.

Here's a look at all three of them:

I used Mo's flamingo and chameleon. Curly's Mom Juggling Bowling Balls and Old Man. And Magoo had a couple cats in his sketchbook that I scanned.

The tutorial on how to make the sketchbooks is over on Angry Chickens site.

The only thing I did different was scan in the kids' art, color them, and make paper with them. Then I covered the cardboard with the paper before I assembled the books.

They are so much fun to make! I can't wait for things to calm down a bit around here so I can make some more.

To the boys, great job on all your hard work!
To everyone else, Happy Monday!

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