Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 1: Epcot

We landed in Orlando at 10:00am. Since we were staying at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort, we got to ride the Disney Magical Express right to the airport and were at out resort by 11:00. We dropped off our extra carry-on bags at bell services and hopped the bus to Epcot. We were there by 12:00. Not too shabby.

At this point, I should probably say that I did a decent amount of Disney research pre-trip. I'm a planner. So I knew that by getting to the park 3 hours after opening, there was a slim chance we were going to get on any of the popular rides like Soarin' or Test Track unless we wanted to stay late - which we did not.

We ended up hitting The Sea with Nemo and Friends b/c the line was 15 minutes (short) and we rode through the aquarium on our motorized half-shell and then hit Turtle Talk with Crush - which was fun. Then we headed up to the World Showcase 9via a splash fountain so Magoo could cool down) and started our tour at Mexico.

I purchased one of those Passports so Magoo could stop in at the KidCot stations and have his passport stamped - and that was great for about four countries - then he got bored with it.

At Norway, Magoo and I rode the The Maelstrom, a water ride through Viking territory, while Mike sought out some lunch in China.

We joined him in China, then coasted by Germany and Italy. Mike and Cam were hot and wanted to get back to the hotel. I NEEDED to visit Japan. It was a MUST for me, so we skipped these other countries.

Japan was GREAT! They had three fabulous Taiko drummers out front, a beautiful koi pond, a gorgeous garden and the STORE! I could have spent hours in that store just looking at the purses and all the awesome fabrics. They had toe socks, origami paper, chopsticks, stationary and about 10 million other things that I love. If the men had wanted to do anything else, I would have sent them off to do it and stayed in this store. But they didn't. They were done and wanted nothing more than the pool at the hotel. So I had to hurry. But it's alright, I did buy myself a small bag, some paper, toe socks, and a lucky cat. And Magoo got some Pokemon cards.

But I had to skip Morocco - boo. (I did get some nice pictures though.)

We took ever-so-brief stops in England and Canada, and basically went back to the hotel.

Photo collage:
Top: Magoo in front of Spaceship Earth, a wall in Mexico, a fountain in Morocco
2nd Row: a garden in China, a gateway into Morocco, Magoo and I in the Japanese garden
3rd row: A giant troll in Norway, Magoo plays in a fountain, koi pond in Japan
bottom: Morocco from afar, taiko drummers, Magoo in Canada

More tomorrow!


Chicklebee said...

Japan was my favorite too. Thing 1 and I had lunch just above the super amazing fantastic gift shop (he and I also had a blast looking at all the cool stuff!!!!!!)

Julie_c said...

I wish it had been the first country. Both Mike and Cam would have had more patience with me then. Oh well.

Angela said...

Man nothing is better than those stores with Japanese stuff!