Monday, June 13, 2011

Four Necklaces (and a Pair of Earrings)

It was West Hartford's big art show this weekend. I love to go every year and I love to buy things when I can. However, this year everything seemed to fall into two categories:
things I loved but couldn't afford *and* things I could afford but didn't love.

While looking at some of the many jewelry booths there, it occurred to me that I could just go home and make my own necklace. For the record, I like to buy from other artesans, but I'm not dropping $75.00 on a beaded necklace. I'm sorry - I simply can't afford it.

So I left the art show with only one thing, inspiration.

I pulled out my beading box. I looked through all my beads and found some green ones that I had removed from a clunkier piece of jewelry that my mother had not wanted. (At least I think that's where I got those beads.) I pulled out some small silver beads, a clasp, some left over chain link, and a couple of crimping beads and got to work.

Easy peasy. And now I had a new necklace!

That was so gratifying. It was a creative buzz and I was jonesin' for more. I found a large, glass bead and quickly fashioned it into a pendant. (The chain was from another necklace.)

Two necklaces down - but I still had the itch. On Sunday morning I headed out to JoAnn Fabrics to get a few things (foam, t-shirts) and I wanted to get a couple extra findings to make necklaces, specifically bead tips. Bead tips are handy little things let you hide the knot of your string when tying off. Plus, I found these lovely blue/white asian beads (below) and wanted some small deep blue beads to go with them.

Then I came home and made this.

Three necklaces. I felt good. I started taking pictures for the blog, then (when photographing the bead boxes, first photo) I noticed how good the silver leaf beads looked next to the brown beads and inspiration struck once more.

I even had a couple leaf beads left over to make myself a pair of earrings.

Now I am satisfied. I have four new necklaces and a new pair of earrings and it probably cost me no more than $10.00.

Thanks to all the wonderful artists that put up a tent, displayed their works, and sat there for two-days straight. Thanks for inspiring me. Sorry I didn't buy anything. Maybe next year.


Angela said...

Those are great! I am so envious of your time! Soon I shall have my own time-yay!

ella@lifeologia said...

So pretty. I love the last one with the silver leaves ;)

Julie_c said...

Thanks Ella - I'm wearing the silver leaves right now!
Ang - when Eden gets to school you'll have so much time you won't even know what to do with it - oh wait - probably laundry. Just joking! :)