Friday, June 10, 2011

Kimono Bookmarks

I found these on the awesomely crafty How About Orange blog and I had to make some for the Japan basket Magoo's classroom was putting together for the school fair.

Here's the tutorial if you want to make a couple for yourself - and why wouldn't you!? I need to make a few for home too. Maybe I'll trim the long hair and use a manly print and make a couple for Magoo as well. (They're a little addictive.)

In other news:
-We made it through the heat. OH MAN was it hot! But I have to say the inside of our house wasn't that bad - well, at least on the main floor. It would get pretty stuffy upstairs and after one night of horrible sleep, we installed the AC into Magoo's room. But the massive electrical storm we had at dinner-time cleared the hotness out and now it's back to a normal June temp.

-Yesterday Magoo and his classmates gave his teacher, the wonderful Mrs. Amarucci, her teacher gifts. It was so much fun to sneak in there and see her surprised face. But great pity and admiration goes out to her, her helpers, and the students, because it was HORRIBLY hot and in that stuffy room. It was a steam room - I'm not even kidding. How they got ANYTHING done is completely beyond me. Hats off to Mrs. A for being an awesome teacher all year long and for powering through in the heat! Magoo has had a wonderful year.

-Have a great weekend everyone!

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Angela said...

loving those bookmarks-awesome Julie!