Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Day of School

Today is the last day of school.

It is dark and rainy - dreary - which probably is perfect weather for the way Magoo is feeling. He woke up, teary-eyed. Good-byes are difficult for him. I think he will miss the routine of his second grade class. But most of all, I think he will miss his teacher, Mrs. Amarucci, who he has come to adore.

He's had a wonderful year. In first grade, he had a difficult time adjusting to the work load - in second grade he seemed to embrace the challenge. Writing is still difficult. He has a ton of ideas in his head and has a difficult time recording them (which will improve in time) and organizing them (which we are still working on.) It's a frustrating task for him. And in all honesty, when you sit down and the teacher explains what kinds of things they are looking for in a short essay it's basically a checklist of what makes a good picture book.

Plot with Beginning, Middle, End
Attention to detail
challenges and plot twists

The list goes on. I sit back and think, Do you know how difficult it is to write something like that?

Magoo thrives in math. He loves it. He loves that there is a correct answer and he loves having solid strategies on how to get to it. My boy is a strategy lovin' boy.

He has grown in the way he handles his emotions as well. Yesterday, Mrs. Amarucci pulled me aside to tell me a story. Magoo had been working hard on the final draft of his report on American Rock Snakes. He was almost done when his seatmate, a very sweet girl I will call Opal, sat down next to him and spilled her yogurt all over his paper. Opal felt horrible. She and Magoo took his paper over to the garbage can and cleaned it off as best they could. A single tear ran down each of Magoo's cheeks as he tried to maintain his composure. Mrs. Amarucci came in with a save. She voluteered to type his page for him and he agreed. She was very proud that he did not get angry with Opal and he did not crumble into disappointed tears. He was happy to have Mrs. Amarucci's help, and on his way out of the classroom, he made sure she didn't forget to work on his paper. :)

I have always been thrilled with Magoo's school and all the teachers he has had there, but I think something special clicked with Magoo and Mrs. Amarucci. I think he blossomed under her tutelage and she will maintain a place in his heart for a long time.

Mine too.

Hope all your kiddos had wonderful school years and are ready to kick back and enjoy summer!


Ă„iti said...

So happy for Magoo that he had a wonderful teacher this year. Happy Summer!

Robin said...

That is a beautiful story. God bless the Mrs. Amarucci's of this world.

Angela said...

What a composed boy! I think I would have had an anyurism. Ms. A rocks too.