Thursday, June 30, 2011

Magic Kingdom

We split Magic Kingdom into a 2-day event (a move I highly recommend.) We were early birds on Saturday and got there before they would even issue us a ticket. (Oops - my bad. Although, in my defense, I had read that they let you onto Main Street where you can browse until the park opens. This was not the case.) We arrived at 8:10am. We were issued tickets at 8:30. Then we had to stand in a holding area for another 20 minutes before the Dapper Dans and the good caucasian folks of Main Street USA greeting us with chirpy dance, after which, Mickey Mouse rode in via train with all his pals. Fireworks went off. Then the hoards descended on Magic Kingdom.

All my anal-retnetive research paid off. I knew right where to go. Which rides to get on pre-crowd. Where to get FastPasses. Etc. The whole thing moved like clockwork.

Here's a little collage o' fun: (clockwise)

Magoo on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (rode it 3 times), Alice and the March Hare on the Teacups, Magoo on Aladin's Flying Carpets, and Mike and Magoo in Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

Another big ride was Splash Mountain - which we rode twice - with our rain ponchos. The first time around we were in the back so we didn't need them much - but the second time around Magoo and I were in the front seat baby!!! Splash city!

Here's Magoo (seriously) trying to pull the sword out of the stone.

We also hit the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, which is a comedy show projected on a screen - but it also depends on audience participation and I'm not sure how they mesh the screen animation with the live voices of the actors backstage (who can see the audience via screens or whatever) but it's a great effect. Well, wouldn't you know, the spotlight comes up on Magoo to participate and isn't he PLEASED AS PUNCH - ham that he is.

So the little monster (on the screen) asks Magoo: What's your name?
A man with a microphone rushes over to Magoo.
Magoo says: Eat my dust.
I kid you not.
So I lean in and whisper: Just tell them your name.
Magoo says: Magoo (He says his real name, of course.)
Monster says: I couldn't hear you before but your lawyer told you the right answer.
Audience laughs.
Monster says: Hey Magoo, do you know why Cinderella is a bad soccer player?
Man with Microphone coaches Magoo: Say why?
Magoo says: Because she has big skirts on and can't kick the ball.
Monster makes a big O face which gets a laugh.
Then Monster says: I hadn't thought of that. What I was going to say is that Cinderella is a bad soccer player because she always runs away from the ball.
Then they cut away from Magoo.

I have no doubt in my mind that the actors backstage rolled their eyes and thought Magoo was totally obnoxious.
But I also know that Magoo thought he was HE-LARIOUS - and I guess that's what counts. He loved it!

One of the last things we did at Magic Kingdom was have Magoo transformed into a pirate.
They gave him a pirate name, Davey Bridgekid. They let him pick his "look" - he went with skeleton pirate. They sat him down and did his make-up ...

... then they made his swear a pirate oath. They gave him a bandana, earring, eyepatch, sword, and sash. Then they allowed him into a secret room and let him search for a pirate medallion.
It was fabulous!

The only thing I would suggest is that they give parents some eye make-up remover to take home. It took 2 days to get all the back make-up away from his eyes. So he looked like he was heavily into The Cure for the rest of the vacation.

Tomorrow: Hollywood Studios

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The Cure-awesome 80's. Love it still!