Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Space Mountain ... 26 years later

On Saturday, I rode Space Mountain.

I had waited 26 years to do it.

Long, long ago, when I was around 13, my mom, step-dad, and I drove down to Florida. On our Magic Kingdom day, my mom didn't feel good. I remember we rode the Jungle Cruise and that was about it. I really wanted to ride Space Mountain, but my mom wasn't up for it. My step-dad didn't like rides. When he was younger he had gotten on one of those spinning swing rides and the demented carny left him on for a really, really long time. As I recall my step-dad said the carny went for lunch. Thinking back, this doesn't seem logical to me. Wouldn't someone notice a swinging chair carnival ride with one crying kid on it? Still, my step-dad didn't like rides - so he wasn't going to come with me. They said I could ride it by myself and they'd wait for me, but the line was 60-minutes long and I didn't want to stand around with strangers for 60-minutes, so I didn't ride it.

I can't say that missing out on Space Mountain put me into a deep depression that I never clawed my way out of. But I can say it was a lame-o trip to Disneyworld. (No fault to Disneyworld.)

However - since we started planning this trip, getting on Space Mountain was my A. Number One Objective.

Space Mountain.
Space Mountain.
Space Mountain.

On Saturday, we arrived at the park at 8am. We were so early they wouldn't even let us in the front gates by then. At 8:30, we got our tickets then waited at the railroad station with the hoards. At 8:50 a bunch of dapper white folks came out to the balcony of the station to sing chirpy, happy songs like "Good morning - good MORning to yooooooooooou." Then the train arrived with Mickey, Minnie, Snow White, Aladin, Donald and the crew and they were jolly and happy and welcomed us to the park (Magoo couldn't have cared less, BTW) and then fireworks went off, the ropes dropped, and everyone scrambled into the park.

I had my map out and anxiously followed the Space Mountain crowd to Tomorrowland. We walked right into the building, through the cow maze, down ramps and up ramps, twisting this way and that, until - finally - we were in the loading room. AHHHHHHH! We got on our rocket - me in the front seat, Magoo behind me, then Mike. And then we launched.

If you don't know - this ride is primarily in the dark. It is extremely thrilling b/c you have no idea when a drop is coming or a tight turn. You're whisked away! My eyes were clutching every bit of strobe or colored lightbulb to try to figure out way laid ahead. It was freaky - in a delicious way. But it was also intense and my mothering instincts kicked in - as I couldn't see or touch Magoo.

And then it was over.

And it was awesome!

This is the picture the ride camera took.

Clearly Magoo is loving it.

And look at my face - I'm like a psycho cheerleader, I'm so excited! (With the shot being so small, you can't really see the look in my eyes - but it's a little frightening - like a zombie salivating over a juicy, juicy brain.)

We had such a great time, we got FastPasses and went on it again. And it was even better the second time around!

So, after 26 years, Space Mountain was well worth the wait.

In other news:
Expect more Disney posts this week, folks. I've have lots and lots more. But I'll try not to be obnoxious about it.


Ă„iti said...

Hahahaha that's awesome!! Love the look of thrill and excitement on both your faces :-)

Chicklebee said...


So glad you had fun.

Julie_c said...

You got it - Chicklebee!!!

Angela said...

Space Mountain rocks! I love that ride. You guys look like you had a blast!