Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love when I receive mysterious packages from Viking. They always hold something exciting. Last night the UPS man brought me this, Wink in Hebrew!

Everything is reversed. The binding is on the other side. You read and turn the pages right to left. They reversed all the art. It's kinda freaky to look at it that way, actually.

But coolest of all was that they changed the text on the tiny posters.

Here's a Sumo wresting poster and one for the Lucky Dragon Circus. This is how I made them in the original version.

I was tickled to see that they went it and translated Sumo and Lucky Dragon Circus! And, even though they flipped the art - they didn't flip the Japanese text on the art. That's awesome attention to detail! Well done!

That got me curious about the Chinese edition, because I hadn't noticed the little posters when I flipped through that - but sure enough ...

They translated the posters too!

So cool.

There should be one more translation coming, someday. Indonesian! I can't wait!

In other news:
It's hot.
Wicked hot.
I have all my windows opened right now, but as soon as I return from taking the boys to school I will be closing up the house in an attempt to seal the cool in. Can you say cereal for dinner?


Robin said...

Wow! You are truly international!

And Mazel tov!

Angela said...

That is totally cool. I am so proud of you.

ella@lifeologia said...

This is awesome!
Congratulations ;)