Monday, July 18, 2011

8 1/2 Year Celebration

Magoo was born right after Christmas, which is not an ideal time for having a fun, friend-filled birthday bash. So, Lucky Duck that he is, he gets a small family party on his birthday and a second "friend" party in the summer.

I had planned on this being a small affair. Last year's party had me running around like hummingbird on crack and, this year, I had just spent a lot of time planning the Disney trip - but, as is often the case - one thing lead to another and I had nine boys in my yard.

BUT - I had a plan. And that plan was ... treasure hunts!

The day before the party, I had hidden 6 treasures around the yard and made directions sheets for each one. Here's Magoo reading the first "map" to the party-goers.

It said something like: Start at the front steps,
walk backwards to the basketball hoop,
twirl around three times,
run to the backyard,
stand on one foot,
now look where the clothespins live.
And then they'd find a treasure in the little bag on the clothesline. They'd run it back to me and I'd give them the next set of directions.

All the while, I'm sitting in the shade chatting with the other parents. Pretty smart, right?

All the treasure boxes contained the same thing: gogo's. Magoo LOVES his gogos. These are popular toys in his crowd. So I emptied them all out and had the boys take turns choosing their gogo teams.

After that, I set them up with clay and let them make their own gogo and gogo accesories.

And after that, it was cake time!!!

Magoo requested a honey cake. It's the standard birthday cake around here. Although now that I have my new babycakes cookbook, I might be able to perfect some of those recipes and add a little variety to our cake eating lives.

Magoo, of course, was MOST looking forward to the present opening. A few weeks ago, Magoo and I were in a toy store and he found a great big Ugly Doll that he really liked. Well, have you seen these things? They are SO EASY to make (if you sew.) So I noted which one he liked, (this one,) bought fabric, and made the darn thing myself. (Don't worry, good folks at UglyDolls, I am not selling your fine product. I only made one for my son.)

Magoo was psyched - which made me psyched. And he has slept with it ever since. (Well, only 2 nights - but still.)

And that was the party, folks. It was a lovely day and all the kids had a pretty good time. We were so happy that our friends, The Metcalfes, were in town from Baltimore and could be a party of the celebration. It made it all the more special for all of us.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Angela said...

Awesome birthday celebration. That doll looks as good or better than the one in the store. It's great to be able to sew.
Remember that crazy honey cake/cake waterfall that I made. I don't know what went wrong with that.