Saturday, July 30, 2011

Five Stages of Grief (for a Zombie): a Stop-Motion Short Film

Two posts ago, I mentioned that I would be taking a stop-motion animation workshop through my local library. The video above is the fruit of that labor. I hope you enjoy it!

As it turned out, I got the perfect animation partner, Jon. He's a puppeteer in the Hartford area, and is very used to writing and performing his own puppetry so he came to this workshop to learn a new skill and had no desire to put in extra work. Since I had put in 8 hours of prep - we were ideally suited to working together. I had a ton of fun with Jon and I think we both did a great job.

Thanks to the West Hartford Library for hosting this awesome event, and to Joe, Tessa, and Dan for running it and teaching us!!!

For those of you in the area, there will be a "film festival" with all the shorts (9 in total, I think) outside the Faxon branch library on Thursday, Aug. 11th at 8:30. It's al fresco movie watching in the parking lot. And you need tickets (they're showing How to Train Your Dragon after the shorts) but they are free. Call the Faxon branch and reserve some, if you like. I know I'll be there!

Oh, in case you're wondering, the star of my movie is Little Noah, the mascot of the Noah Webster Library.



I'm Jon, just a guy. I try to smell good. said...

Hey Julie!
It was great to work with you on this, and your idea was awesome!!! So it made me look good.. Hahaha!

Julie_c said...

Great working with you too, Jon!

Angela said...

You guys are so talented! I loved the story and the animation-too funny! I also liked the ending credits. Was that Magoo chasing you guys? Really I love that he was depressed and then started boning up on his newfound self! Awesome!
Oh and loved that you all had words being defined too-true Noah Webster spirit.

Z-Kids said...

Loved it! Looks professional already!
- AZ