Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July

This Fourth of July, we didn't venture out to a big firework display. Instead, Mike bought some smaller (legal) fireworks and we set them off in Gramma Mary's backyard. (Please insert the Boston Pops music here. BA ba ba ba ba ba ba BA BUM BUM)

The top, left shot is Magoo with a sparkler. It's really just like the shot below, only the previous shot is darker and I used the "fireworks" filter on my camera.

Even thought the fireworks were super fun - the big action happened the next morning. You see, there's a raft out at the beach we frequent. It looks like it's not that far a swim, but with the wind and waves pushing against you - it's a decent haul. Magoo has been wanting to swim out to it since last summer. We thought this might be the year.

First, we made him take a swim test. He had to swim a long line going across the beach to test his endurance. He did that with no problems. So we took a short rest and then, with Mike and I on either side of him, headed out to the raft.

We were about 4/5ths of the way there, when Magoo needed a bit of a break. I held him for a moment, then I passed him over to Mike. Then Magoo was ready to go again and finished the journey. Yeah!!!

I asked Magoo if he wanted me to get a shot of him on the raft. At first he declined, but quickly changed his mind. So I swam back tot he shore to take this shot. I was trying to get them to wave at me, but Mike didn't have his glasses on so he couldn't really see me. Oh well.

Here's a shot so you can see how far out they are.

Swimming back is much easier b/c you're working with the waves - so Magoo didn't need any help at all with that length.

After a swim test, swimming out to the raft, and swimming back, Magoo said, "I think I've used up all my swimming energy." Me too. So we left the beach a little early. But everyone was pretty darn pleased.

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