Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Last night, I got hacked.

Someone hacked into my email contact list and sent an email to EVERYONE on it with a link to Viagra.

The bad news: Well, it's creepy to think that someone is going around pretending to be you. Also, it's embarrassing as heck to think that my professional contacts think I'm sending them ads for Viagra. (Sorry to everyone at Penguin!)

The good news: it was only a link and not a virus. So apart from being annoying and confusing - no harm should come to those who received the message. Also, I've been hearing from all sorts of people today!

What really boggles my mind is this advertising technique. I mean, does this work? Is someone going to open a message that they think is from me. Click on a link. See an ad for Viagra and think - OK. If Julie thinks I need this, I'd better order some.

I hope not!

Hey, maybe I should hack into the email of corporate Wall Street brokers and send them a link to my book on Amazon? ;)

Anyway - if you received the message - sorry about that. I've contacted Yahoo and changed my password and hopefully that'll do the trick.

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Angela said...

This has been happening to a lot of people lately. Sorry it happened to you Bollywood lady. :(