Friday, July 1, 2011

Hollywood Studios/ Downtown Disney

On our final day at Disney, we hit Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was hotter and we were all a little wiped out - so I'd say this was the least fun outing of our vacation.

For one thing EVERYONE rushed over to Toy Story Mania! At Magic Kingdom, even though a bunch of people rushed over to the BIG rides - you still got on relatively quickly. But Toy Story Mania is kind of a slow loading ride, so right off the bat we had about a 20 minute wait. Once on it, though, it was super fun. I would simply suggest getting a FastPass right away or even riding a small ride and coming back to this 30 minutes later. The line got shorter after the initial rush.

Then we made our way over to Star Tours (above) and that was super fun. (Notice Magoo's eyeliner remnants from his pirate make-over. We just couldn't get that stuff off!)

Then we saw the 3-D Muppet Show. WOW. The 3-D was truly amazing. I don't know how they do that. At one point this little animated flying thing comes out and says, "The audience thinks I'm talking to them, but actually I'm just talking to you." And it pointed right at me. And I KNOW it looks like it's pointing right at everyone, but I don't know how on earth they make it look like that.

Of course Waldorf and Statler were off to the side heckling the show the whole time.

The 3-D was so good, Maggo was constantly trying to reach out and tough the things that appeared to be right in front of his face.

Then we made it over to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. And I got to be an EXTRA! That's me, waving. And see the guy in the baseball cap and Hawaiin shirt? Mike knew him from his days living in New York. I knew him a little bit, but I didn't recognize him at all - and I was too busy cheering for Indiana Jones and trying to keep that scarf on my head to notice much else.

After that - I walked the boys over to take the backlot tour, but the line was long, everyone was hot, and the guys just wanted to go back and get Magoo in the pool one last time.

Downtown Disney.

For those of you who don't know, Downtown Disney is a shopping/eating/entertainment area on the "Disney Reservation." It wasn't far from the hotel and it had two major features we wanted to hit. A LEGO store:

(Magoo poses with LEGO creations.)

And a bakery Magoo could actually eat at!!!! Babycakes NYC!

When I found out about this place I got downright giddy. You can find a gluten-free bakery. But it's very difficult to find one that has sugar-free goods. This one is vegan so they have all sorts of great things.

Here's the cupcake display.

Magoo picked out a pumpkin cupcake. Mike had vanilla. I had chocolate - of course! And they were so YUM!

If we had been staying longer we would have stocked up. BUT - as luck would have it - they had a cookbook available. So I bought that and, as soon as I got home, ordered some things that Whole Foods didn't carry. When those come in, it's going to be Babycakes Cupcake City around here!

I can't wait!

Tomorrow: The resort and wildlife.


Ă„iti said...

Sounds like such a great vacation. A Lego store and Babycakes? Wow doesn't get much better than that to finish off at Disney :-)

Angela said...

That eyeliner is great!