Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Magoo Presents: George Washington and the Amazing Battle

Like last summer, Magoo and I are working on writing stories. Writing was a big challenge for poor Magoo this last year in school. He is a boy full of ideas, but the slowness of his writing prevents him from getting them down in a timely fashion. And while he's concentrating on spelling the words correctly, he forgets where his thoughts were going. All that equals great frustration.

So, in order to promote the skills of story-telling w/o worrying about the fine motor skills or spelling, I am Magoo's secretary. He now dictates his stories to me. That way, we can record all his thoughts and ideas. We print them up. And then we edit a bit.

His first story is George Washington and the Amazing Battle.

Page 1:
Early one morning, George Washington was practicing his gunfiring at the firing range when he got captured.

Page 2:
George Washington said, "Who are you?"
The leader of the group said, "We are the British."
Then the British captain said, "Check all his pockets for weapons."

While soldiers checked his pockets, George Washington pulled out a banana peel and threw it on the ground.
One of the British soldiers slipped and bonked his head.

Page 3:
George Washington grabbed his gun and fired it before being locked up.
The bullet flew through the window of the American Army barracks.
A man in his army said, "Hey look - a bullet! Something must be wrong!"
The Army marched to the British hideout and said - in a creepy, old voice - "We are old scoundrels."
The British Captain said, "Come in."
The army went in and got a piece of wire and unlocked the prison gate where George was being held.

The army said, "We will fight you at 10p.m."
The British said, "That's our bedtime."
The British changed it to 9 p.m.

Page 4:
Later that night, the British arrived with stuffed animals.
George Washington said, "Why do you have stuffed animals?"
"Because there's thousands of bullets in them!"
The British fired the stuffed animals. BANG!

Page 5:
George Washington had a shield. He said, "Ha! In your face!"
The British were steamed with anger. The British shot their guns but they misfired.
George Washington fired his gun and he took down ten guys.

The British ran for their lives and said, "We surrender!"
George Washington put the British in prison and locked them up forever.

The End.

I guess you could call it Historical Fiction. :)

Didn't he do a great job on the illustrations. He printed p pictures of George Washington and British soldiers so Magoo could get the details of each uniform and he worked really hard on these.

I'm very proud.

Magoo is at day camp for the next two weeks so there won't be another story until August. But I'm so impressed but he work he did on this one, I'm super optimistic about what else he'll come up with.


Angela said...

Oh my God, he did an awesome job! I love the uniforms, facial expressions everything. That first picture has my in stitches. It's like George is saying, "Oh no the hell you di'n't!" Bravo for Magoo!

Robin said...

Clearly the gift for storytelling runs in the family. And I love that he used the word "scoundrels"!

Julie_c said...

Thanks guys.
Yes, he's very proud of this story and "scoundrels' is one of his favorite lines.