Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stop-Motion Zombies (I hope)

On Thursday, I will begin a 3-day workshop to learn some stop-motion animation techniques. This workshop is being run by the town library and I'm PSYCHED to be participating.

I've had a concept ready for a little while: The Five Stages of Grief (for a Zombie.)

Then I got a notice from the library asking that we try to place their mascot, Little Noah, in the short film. This threw me for a moment, as I wasn't sure how to put this character in my monster movie. Then it hit me, Little Noah can be the main character. I'll turn him into a zombie!

The library isn't expecting anyone to come with stuff prepared, but that's how I roll. I have a storyboard ready and I have cut characters and props for 3 scenes.

I *hope* that I can make this film. There are two possible glitches:
1.) Everything I have cut is the wrong size.
2.) I get saddled with a partner that has no interest in this topic.

In which case, I will learn as much as I can about the cameras, software, etc. and try to make my zombie movie on my own in my own time.

But, in the meantime, fingers crossed for stop-motion zombies.

In other news: The heat wave has broken. Yesterday it was downright cool (awesome) and today it's normal. The house is comfy and I finally got around to cutting the lawn. I didn't have to sit throughTransformers 3 on Saturday. Instead we went to see Captain America - which was fine. Today Magoo and I just took it easy - had a lazy day - and for awhile we counted the cars pass in front of our house while sipping on milkshakes. It was a most excellent fifteen-minutes.

PS - This is my 700th bog post!!!

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Angela said...

700?! Holy Mackerel! Congrats.
That stop-motion idea you have sounds wicked funny. Have a good time with it and good luck getting a good partner.