Monday, August 22, 2011

I Have a Little Birdhouse

Well, it's not actually a birdhouse. It's a bird feeder. But birdhouse sounded better in the title.

When I was in Maine, we went to a big firehouse-funding tag sale and I found this little bird feeder. I'd been thinking of getting a bird feeder to put outside the window by my computer desk. I keep my camera right there and I thought, Wouldn't it be nice, as I'm typing away, to see a little birdie out my window and snap pictures of it.

So I when I saw this bird feeder, full of rustic charm, I plopped the the dollar and made it mine.

Next, Magoo and I went to the pet store and bought some bird seed. I choose the bird seed I wanted by the pictures of the birds it had on the bag - and the price. The low price.

Then I filled the bird feeder, hung it up, and waited for my FLOCKS of feathered friends to come dine. And waited. And waited.

Clearly they didn't know it was there yet, I told myself. I will make a path!

So I went out with another dixie cup full of seed and left a Hansel and Gretel style path from the tire swing to the bird feeder.

A couple days passed. No birds. A couple squirrels found my path - no prob. But no birds.

My father-in-law came to visit and since he's all about the birds, I proudly showed him my bird feeder and the seed I was using. He told me I should get them sunflower seeds. "You have to spoil the birds," he said.

See, I don't want my birds flying in here with fine dining expectations. Sunflower seeds are something I buy for us. We, humans, eat sunflower seeds. The birds are gonna eat the cheap bird seed I give them - and like it!

And sure enough, a few hours later, I had my first customer. (above.) Mr. Chickadee. Welcome. Do tell your friends.

And he did!

The next day a cardinal was sifting through the scraps the squirrels left in the dirt...

... while his lady friend had a table for one.

That was yesterday. This morning I have had several visits from Mr. Chickadee and/or Mr. Chickadee's friends.

My photography challenges are these:
- moving slowly as to not upset the birds.
- my red flash light not upsetting the birds.
- taking photos through a screen gives a hazy image.
- taking photos through the side door off the kitchen has no screen, but is further away so I have to majorly zoom - which sometimes gives a hazy image.
- those darn birds are FAST!

I'm hoping that they will learn that the crazy lady behind the window with the red, glowing eye won't hurt them and they can dine at their leisure. But for now, I'm just psyched that the word it getting out.

The little blue/green bird feeder in back of my house is open for business!

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Angela said...

I tried leaving a comment yesterday but Blogger had an attitude. Anyway, love those houses and love watching the birds. They are super quick!