Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Magoo Presents: Dr. Frankenstein's Dog-Cat

Dr. Frankenstein just woke up and was hungry. He had an idea; he would combine bacon and eggs together!

"Mwha ha ha!"

He took the eggs and bacon to the laboratory and put them under the Combine-inator.

Meanwhile, Mr. Meanie (Dr. Frankenstein's Shih Tzu dog) was chasing Ms. Smarypants (his cat) through the lab. The dog and cat jumped on the breakfast food as Dr. Frankenstein hit the power button.


He accidentally combines his dog and cat, creating ...


Dr. Frankenstein yelled, "Ahhhhhh!" and that scared Dog-Cat away.

Dr. Frankenstein had another idea; he would combine a net with another net so he could catch Dog-Cat.

Dr. Frankenstein chased Dog-Cat to the top of the castle. Then he swooped the double net at Dog-Cat, but he missed. Dog-Cat ran away to the basement. Dr. Frankenstein ran down many steps. He swooped the double net at Dog-Cat again, but he missed again. Dog-Cat ran back up to the roof.

"Blast you, Dog-Cat!" cried Dr. Frankenstein.

He ran up many steps. Then he swooped his double net again, but missed again.

Later, he had a third idea. He made more bacon and eggs.

"Mwha ha ha!"

He took the food to the lab and put the bacon and eggs on the table with the Combine-inator. Then Dog-Cat followed the smell of the bacon and eggs and jumped up on the table.

Dr. Frankenstein pulled the switch to reverse, the hit the power button. Now the machine was a Separator-inator.


Mr. Meanie and Ms. Smartypants jumped off the table, each with their own four legs.

"Success!" shouted Dr. Frankenstein.

"Meow," said Mr. Meanie, the dog.

"Woof," said Ms. Smartypants, the cat.

The End.


mh said...

Hi there. This is a really great story! I'm a bit worried though about the mix up in the language. Will there be a part 2. . . ?

Julie_c said...

I don't think Magoo is planning a part two. I think Dr. Frankenstein is going to have to live with a meowing dog and a barking cat for awhile. Maybe next time he'll close his laboratory door when he's conducting experiments.

Angela said...

That was too funny! Love his stories!

Angela said...
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pam said...

These stories just keep getting better. I hope the chubby Frankenstein with the stylish lapels wasn't too winded after running up & down all those many stairs and doing so much swooping.