Saturday, August 6, 2011

Magoo Presents: Grizzly Bear and Squirrel

Once Grizzly Bear went into the forest to find his friends. He saw Squirrel. But no one else.

Bear said, "Where did all the animals go?"

Squirrel said, "There was a poacher. They say he lives in the South. We'll need to find a boat."

Bear said, "Where are we going to find a boat when we're near so many trees?"

Then Squirrel got an idea. "Wood can float. Let's tie logs together and make a raft!"

"Squirrel, you're a genius!"

So that night, Bear stroked with his big arms to get to the South on the raft. Squirrel was the look-out.

When they got to the South, they found the poacher's house. The poacher said, "Ooooo,
more animals to hunt down!"

Bear swooped his big claw at the poacher's face.

Squirrel bit the poacher's leg.

They knocked out the poacher and freed all of their animal friends.

The End.


pam said...

This is a PERFECT story. Wow, boy! I really like the illustrations, too, except for the paddling the raft picture, which I LOVE.

Julie_c said...

That raft paddle illo does kick tush, doesn't it? I'm very proud of all the work he puts into these.

Angela said...

Very cool. I love all the stuff Magoo does!

Susan Gurry said...
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Susan Gurry said...

My previous comment had too many here it goes..

Wow! He is a little 'you' - creative, author, cool!