Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Magoo's Latest Find

Time is slipping away. If I have three goals for a day, most likely I will only get one done. There's simply too much to do most summer days, and much of my attention is needed by Magoo.

So (another) one of my goals has been to find things that interest him and that he can do independently. Last night we found this: Make Beliefs Comix. (above.)

It's very easy. You choose how many panels you want (2-4.) You choose the characters you want. You choose the size of the word bubble - or thought bubble. You choose your background. And you type in your dialog. (The dialog bit is a bonus for us because I've been teaching Magoo to type - so he gets to practice when making comics. Win - win!)

Magoo has been loving this! He can spend a good 30-45 minutes a stretch at it and have something he's proud of when he's done.

If you have creative kiddos who are starting to get a little bored this summer, definitely check it out.

Note: If you are a teacher or work with children with special needs, there are tabs on the site that help you guide the child's play in ways that may be therapeutic for them. Bonus!

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