Monday, August 15, 2011


We spent the weekend in Maine. A few years ago our neighbors bought an unfinished cabin up in Cundy's Harbor and every so often they go up there and work on it. (They've done a TON of work on it - actually. It looks awesome.) And they invited us up for the weekend.

Since Mike used to spend summers in Maine when he was a young man, I think he especially wanted to get back.

Maine is beautiful. It just is. Naturally, I took a bunch of photos. I think I'll just post them throughout the week.

(Above) The abandoned boat house at the dock at Cundy's Harbor. This is a short walk from our neighbor's place and it's where they launch their kayaks and the boys hunt for green crabs.

(Below) Lobster cages at the dock.

Captive lobsters.

Magoo strolls through the chilly waters at Reid State Park. (I went in up to my knees.)

The view from the Holbrook Lobster Wharf and Grill at Cundy's Harbor.

More soon ...


Angela said...

Beautiful. Love your photos! I absolutely love Maine; you guys were so lucky to go up!

Julie_c said...

We were lucky duckies!