Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mystic Aquarium Has Gone to the Birds!

A new attraction at the aquarium is the Birds of the Outback exhibit.

Here's what you do. You give the nice man at the cash register some extra money ($3/person) and he gives you a popsicle stick with some bird food stuck to one end of it. You go into the big cage, locate a willing bird, slowly present your stick to the bird. Like so:

And if you're lucky, the bird will step onto your stick and hang with you while it dines. Like so:

Magoo had several different feathery friends hang with him throughout our visit.
Here's the little guy who spent some one-on-one time with me. I call him Mr. Yellow.

Yeah, Mr. Yellow and I were buds!

But, eventually, it was time to go. I think both Magoo and I had a lot of fun getting close to the birds. I think it might have held some therapeutic value for me as well.

You see, I once lived with a young woman who had a small bird named Basil. For some reason, Basil liked to fly AT MY FACE! Most of the time she would have the bird's wings clipped so it couldn't fly - but when the wings grew out, Basil would FLY AT MY FACE! Once I covered my face with my hands and it landed right on the top of my head.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

So although I would say I greatly enjoy birds, I've never been a fan of the pet bird, or even birds being too close to me.

But my time with Mr. Yellow was high-quality, bird-lady-binding time. So who knows?


Angela said...

Love the bird photos. We have never gone into the bird exhibit.

I am sorry but the Basil story had me on the floor. Oh my.

Buzz de Cafe said...

i remember basil being rather a large bird. with big gnarly talons.

Julie_c said...

It was probably the size of an eagle!!!