Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mystic Aquarium

Yesterday Magoo and I hit the Mystic Aquarium.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved aquariums. The darkness and slow underwater movement is very soothing to me. Aquariums chill me out. But Magoo has often been bored in these environments. He's much more of a hands-on "doer" than an observer. But he saw an ad on TV that featured a new "exhibit" - a 3-D, seat-moving, feature - and he wanted to go. So we went.

And it was good.

We started off with the ray-petting pool. The last time we were there, Magoo wasn't able to touch a ray. They were all swimming really low. This time, there was a man feeding them near Magoo, so a bunch were swimming closer to the surface. (Video at the end of this post.)

Then we went inside and there was a shark-petting pool!!!

They were small sharks - as you can see - but Magoo got to pet a couple of them and that was super-fun!

Then we just walked around, looked at the jellies (I LOVE jellies behind glass, I HATE jellies when I want to swim), pufferfish, big sharks, pirahna, sea turtles, and sea horses.

Magoo wasn't too interested in the outside creatures: beluga whales, sea lions, penguins - but that just might have been because it was hot and crowded out there.

We DID see the 3-D motion movie, and compared to the highly synced, smooth 3-D rides at Disney, this one was like a 10-minute physical assault in an alley. OH MY it was jarring! (Still, Magoo liked it so that was good enough for me.)

Way back when Magoo was a wee one, he had the mother of all meltdowns at the Mystic Aquarium. He LIVED for throwing sticks into bodies of water: puddles, drains, rivers, lakes. So when he was not allowed to throw sticks into the Beluga exhibit - he started to pout. When he was not allowed to throw sticks into the penguin exhibit - it was a full-blown, red-alert, class 10 melt-down. We still talk about it to this day.

It's nice that, a good six years later, we can go back to the same place and have a lovely time.

(There was an awesome bird exhibit at the aquarium as well. More on that tomorrow.)


Äiti said...

"And it was good." What a soothing and wonderful sentence and reality. You are a good mom and I feel inspired by you!

Angela said...

It is interesting how they grow up. At the time they are on the floor eating dirt and screaming, it feels like that phase will go on forever. Love your shots of the fishes, etc.

I still can't get over that amazing stop-motion film!

swords said...

still can't get over that amazing stop-motion filmSwords