Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's going to be a busy few days, I think.

On Saturday, there's a block party.

I already: made flyers
passed out flyers
reserved the road (with the town)
prepared my act for the talent show (Bollywood dance)
bought plates/napkins/utensils
created a kids' scavenger hunt
bought prizes for said scavenger hunt
bought trophies for road race

There will be more to do on Saturday, but that's a bulk of the prep right there.

Does it seem like I'm doing a lot for a community block party? Yes, yes it does. Normally there's about six-to-seven regular people who chip in. This year there were three.

So I'm gonna hunker down and do my best, knowing that next year I won't be the schmuck who spearheads this event.

To ADD to the preparations, we're gonna have a HURRICANE! Wooooo!

Yeppers. Hurricane Irene looks like it's going to be heading right toward West Hartford, CT. Of course, it may not. It may move East. Wouldn't that be nice? But right now projections show it flying right over our house. So we've bought some water. Some batteries. Some flashlights.

I'm doing laundry now so I can clean the basement in case it floods.

As long as we don't lose electricity our super-awesome sump pump will keep us dry. But if we do lose it ... glug, glug.

So there's much to do. Little of it fun. But if I do a little bit here and a little bit there, we'll have a lovely block party on Saturday and a non-tragic rainy day on Sunday.

Here's hoping!

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Angela said...

I am hoping that Irene goes elsewhere. Your party sounds awesome; go Bollywood!