Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zippity-Zip Lines, Zippity-Ae

It was an adventurous day today.

Magoo and I went to Brownstone Park in Portland, CT. Basically, it's a big lake/quarry with zip lines, inflatables, kayaks, waterslides and a bunch of other fun water-related things. It's pretty exciting to look at.

(I should also mention that I took a disposable camera with film along. So there will be photographs - just not in this post. So to see pics of the place, click on the links.)

Magoo wanted to hit the Iceberg first. (If you go through the slideshow here, it will pop up.) Basically, it's a giant inflatable iceberg with arm/foot holds all over it. I tell ya - neither of us could even get up on the thing. You have to have strong arms to hoist yourself out of the water because there's really nothing to put your foot on. After some feeble/pathetic attempts, we moved on to another water toy with a foothold.

After our friends joined us there, it was time to hit the zip line. Zip line! Zip line! Clap, clap, clap! That's what I was excited about. There are a ton o' zip lines at this park. Some you have to walk far away to get to the start of it. Some you have to climb a mighty tall rock wall. But the one we hit was a mild one (as far as zip lines go.) You walked up a rock path and then waited...waited...waited, until it was your turn to go up a steep rope bridge and then zip.

This is a single file situation. I had to watch as my baby walked the steep rope bridge. To give you an idea of this thing, imagine one thick rope that you walk on, and two rope net/railings on either side. If you fell, the ropes would catch you - but in a way that would result in massive rope burn. Now, crossing this, in and of itself, would be slow-going - but this thing was steep. So, that wasn't easy. As Magoo was nearing the top, I was mentally willing the man-boy up there to extend his hand and help my little dude out. Nope. No can do. He just hung back, as if to say If you can't make it up here, then you can't zip line, kid.

But Magoo made it.

The man-boy hooked him up and then whoosh - Magoo stepped off the platform and glided over the water. He hit the water's surface and back-stroked to the next platform, just like he had been instructed to do.

There's something very *Danger, Will Robinson* in my mom-bones about letting my child be so far away from me at a water park. A lot of trust went into that moment. Trust of the park's system. Trust of the lifeguard on the other end. Trust of Magoo.

And it panned out. All was well. I took a big breath and knew he had grown up just a little bit more and his boundary had been pushed just a little bit further.

So now I had to climb the dreaded rope bridge. Yeah, man - that thing ain't easy. Man-boy hooked me up and gave me the thumbs up and I put my instinct aside (Instinct says, Uh, don't step off the platform) and zippity-do-da'd over the water. Wheeeeee!

It. Was. Awesome!

If the line (for the zip line) hadn't been so long, I would have loved to do that a few more times.

Then we went back in the water for awhile. It was getting kinda crowded so all the inflatables had lines. We got out, had lunch, went back in for another hour and paddled around. Then called it a day.

It was mucho fun - but upper body strength is definitely a must to really enjoy this park. Still, if he wants to hit it next year - I'm in.

If you're local and have adventurous little ones, definitely check it out.

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