Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birds of a Feather

I'm sluggish.  I'm not entirely sure why - but I have low energy and simply don't want to do anything on today's list.  Therefore, I will procrastinate and show some of the bird pics I've taken over the last couple weeks.

The birds were PSYCHED when the big branch came down.  They had all this new exciting habitat that was close to the bird feeder - SCORE!

And I benefitted as well b/c I could take lots of pics.  (And they were much less skittish in the security of branches.)

(Above.)  A White Breasted Nuthatch chooses his favorite seed.

(Below) I believe this is a female cardinal.  We get a decent amount of cardinals now, so it stands to reason.  Plus, the tip of her wing and tail have an auburn glow to them.  But, if you know better, please correct me.

A male cardinal, obviously.

I know my birds like I know my flowers: rose, daisy, tulip, daffodil, iris - then I get confused.  Birds: cardinal, bluejay, robin, crow, pigeon, seagull - then I get confused.  (Well, not about the difference between a penguin and an emu - but all the little flighty ones, yanno.)

(Below) I had to look these up.  They're a lovely pair of house sparrows.

These two actually put on a quite a photo shoot.  And the branch has an interesting shape to it and good lighting.  I might have to paint some house sparrows...hmmm?

I hope you all have good energy today.  And if so, send some my way!


Äiti said...

Dude, this weather sucks the energy right outta of our beings. Hang in there!

Angela said...

Cute bird photos. My energy is totally nowhere to be seen too-maybe it's the constant monsoons. Why are we 18in. over our usual rainfall and it's only September? Sheesh.