Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Descent of Woodpeckers

A Descent of Woodpeckers marks the fourth in my series of bird collectives.  I think this will probably do it.  I have a Herd of Cranes, a Parliament of Owls, and a Murder of Crows.  I don't want to overdo it because I have no idea how these will sell.  One might say, "Don't worry about selling your art, just create what inspires you."  And yes, that usually creates the best art.  But I also want to make a profit.  I'm a little bit artist, a little bit business woman.  Although I'm a much better artist than businesswoman, to be sure.

But since I just did a woodpecker collage, I thought it would be nice to note that we had a woodpecker visitor recently.

A woodpecker stopped by Magoo's birdhouse.  I caught him there a second day too - he had made his way inside the house.  I thought he might set up shop there, but I think he saw Magoo and me checking him out and decided the neighborhood wasn't elite enough.

In other news:  Mike's a lumberjack and he's Okay....

The tree guys came and took our big branch away, but they left nice chunks of wood for Mike to cut up.  He pulled out his mighty ax and didn't some sweaty manly man work.

Magoo and I helped with the stacking (but only a little.  Mike did most of it.)  See it in the background?  There's a ton of it.  But I guess cut oak has to season for a year so we can't even use it until next winter.  D'oh!!!

Still - good work Mike!

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Angela said...

Love the Descent!!